By the way, Wang Leehom happened

Yes, that’s right. He quote retweeted me on his official Twitter. I pretty much died and went to heaven that day.

Andrew Tan, a Malaysian singer based in Taiwan, also liked my Weibo post.

In terms of social media stuff, 2016 wasn’t all bad.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  • Bun rieu (pork balls in a tomato crab broth). Delicious. I love how Vietnamese restaurants in London put in so much green onions into their vermicelli noodles soups. It's way more than what Toronto restaurants usually include.
  • Swans are everywhere in Munich. They definitely add to the majestic royalty feel of the city. #Throwback
  • One of my favourite restaurant chains here in London. I love seafood so much. 😍
  • Truly outstanding architecture.
  • It's a men's clothing store that has geranium flowers decorated all around the building. So pretty.
  • Last meal in Munich! One of my favourite "snacks" - a matjes herring sandwich. It tastes better in the Netherlands though. 🐟