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Two and a half months

I can’t believe it’s already February. This means I have only two and a half months left until I return home to Canada. Gosh. Now that I’ve decided to leave, it has made me realize that I’ll miss this place – the convenience of getting around anywhere (e.g. airports, public transit), the cheap groceries (e.g. Lidl, Tesco), and the history and culture.

I have time to wrap things up, but I suppose if I really want to make use of my time here, I should plan out the rest of my weekends. No more staying home and doing nothing! There’s gotta be more free stuff in London than free museums.

I have an excuse this weekend though. I twisted my lower back Thursday night, so now I’ve basically resorted to staying at home and doing nothing. I did clean the house and pick up groceries today though.

It feels like I’ve been injured the whole week. I attended my first ever HIIT class last Saturday, and basically spent the entire first half of this week with muscle pain. Brutal. I mean, I knew that I was out of shape, but I didn’t think I was that out of shape. Waking up Sunday was basically me realizing that I don’t use majority of the muscles in my body, and that I should probably do stretches more often. So painful.

I signed up for HIIT class today too, but with this lower back muscle pain, I cancelled my spot reservation. To be honest, considering I only go to the gym maybe once a week, I’m not sure my monthly gym membership is worth it. I highly doubt I can drop 20 lbs before I return home to Canada. I mean, everybody knows how much weight I’ve gained since moving over to London anyways. Just take a look at my Instagram posts.

Anyhow, I told myself that this would be a short blog so I can start a habit of publishing shorter but more frequent blogs on this website.

Ciao for now.

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