Wine glass in Romania

Another shoutout to video games

Although I wrote almost an entire blog on a video game I’ve been playing a lot lately in my last entry, I haven’t written a proper blog on the actual video game I’ve been spending way more time on this past year. I won’t give too many details just yet, but man, because it’s a MMORPG, some players really drive me insane.

You’re on a full team here, with other human beings playing at the same time. Please put in some effort. I’m okay with reviving you constantly, but man, if you’re not even going to try, then why should I bother reviving you, really.

I understand when mechanics can be difficult – because some level 80 dungeons are crazy difficult, especially when a lot of mechanics aren’t obvious – but when you’re not doing the most basic level 20 mechanics in a level 60 dungeon, I can’t help but get aggravated.

Anyhow, it’s a short one for me today. I’m drinking wine at the moment, to hopefully calm myself down a bit.

Photo by Ilinca Roman on Unsplash.

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