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I see you, Habitica, and I acknowledge you

Right, I’m still on that Habitica challenge where I need to write a blog every single day. It’s obviously not working because hello, pandemic, so life hasn’t been very exciting, but I need to do it. Let’s create some content for this ol’ blog.

I found out today though Habitica actually has a desktop website for their members, so I’m hoping that will help because I don’t like typing on my phone. It’s that nail-clicking noise that I hate.

Anyway. I’m trying, so that’s what matters.

COVID-19 cases in Toronto are going up again. They were in the low 100s, I think, at one point, but some idiot decided to carry on and throw their multi-venue wedding a few weeks ago, so now I’m sure those people all transmitted it to other people. We’re in the low to mid 400s now. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even officially called it a second wave yesterday in a speech.

Luckily, I bought a pair of cloth face masks a few days ago while they were on sale. I guess the company thought the pandemic was over for Toronto, and they were trying to offload their inventory from earlier this year. The great thing about this pair of face masks is that they’re black! I bought a cloth face mask a couple of months ago, but because it’s blue, I’ve regretted it since the colour doesn’t go well with outfits as easily as black would.

Anyway. What I really wanted to talk about today was my Cities Skylines game. I’ve playing it on and off a lot the past year, and I’ve become quite proud of my latest creation. I definitely learned from my first creation, where I didn’t really plan for public transit. It turns out that subways are really effective in big cities. Who knew?! Hah.

Here’s a map of my current city so far. Very creatively, it’s called “Queenriver”, as I use ‘queen’ as my go-to word to make things sound classy in video games. (After all, people use “King” in city names all the time.) And of course, a river runs through the city.

All the squiggly lines there are the subway lines that run through my city. All I’ve worked on so far has just been one side of the river, so if I expand to the other side of the river, I’m going to need to figure out how to connect the two sides together, as I vaguely recall it being difficult to plop down subway lines across waterways. I guess we’ll see.

There are also a lot of farmlands in the middle of that city. It’s probably not aesthetically pleasing – or logically, really – to have farmlands amongst all the towering condo buildings and hotels, but that’s where all the fertile lands are, so what could I do.

The strange thing about Cities Skylines is that noise pollution actually causes citizens to visit hospitals. I try to minimize that in my cities, so my clinics and hospitals are rarely busy. I’m wondering now if monorails would be safe to implement if these citizens are so darn healthy.

Ah, for a Habitica blog, this sure turned out to be quite long. I need to get back to my other video games.

To conclude this, here’s a random video of K-Pop group B.A.P. performing “WARRIOR”, their debut single, at a performance in one of their last two years together. What a great song.

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