This winter passing

It’s been a while. I always say I’ve been meaning to update this blog, but this time, if I were to be honest, I just haven’t had it front of mind in a while. I’ve been pretty distracted by video games and a new job. It doesn’t help either that winter is a depressing season, and the Omicron variant kind of exacerbated it twenty times over.

I did catch COVID-19, or at least, some sort of illness in early January, but I never got tested because ho ho ho, the Ontario government told us that they didn’t have the testing capacity to test everyone, so a lot of people just got sick around that time period and were just asked to stay home. The Ontario provincial elections are happening this summer, by the way, so I’m going to be my darndest to make sure Doug Ford and his Conservative cronies don’t get re-elected because nobody wants private healthcare or more cuts to education.

Anyway, it’s nearly the end of March, which means the weather is finally warming up a bit – maybe even earlier than usual too, thank you global warming – and maybe I can get my dating life back on track again. Or well, if it was ever on track or existent in the first place. But I have my own place now, so surely that will change… Right?

I am also (or will be) dropping a lot of money into bettering my quality of life in the next few days. The new job is paying me exceptionally well for what I do, and I can actually live a bit comfier now.

  • New custom gaming PC, worth over $2700
  • Ticket to see Mandy Moore in concert this summer, worth over $200
  • Renewal of website hosting for the next three years, worth over $120
  • A giclĂ©e print of ‘dogs of the world’ by Lili Chin, worth over $50

Okay, so it’s not too too much, but it’s a lot for me since I don’t typically spend this kind of money on myself. The biggest expenses for myself these days are food delivery purchases, which I really should limit myself on. I re-cancelled my subscription to DoorDash, so I’m hoping that will help a little. I mean, each food delivery is like $30! That really adds up if you order two or three times a week. That’s investment money that should be going into my TFSA.

Speaking of TFSA, I really should increase my contributions this year. I feel like I’m not doing enough to save for a house or for retirement. Even if I feel like it’s increasingly unlikely I’ll be able to buy a place for myself in the next several years. The housing market here in this city is absolutely crazy.

I’ve been getting more engaged with the video gaming community lately too. I don’t know how engaged I want to be yet – there are some toxic people in the Final Fantasy XIV PvP community that I’m not sure about, and I definitely don’t know if I want to take streaming seriously even if I will soon have a computer ready for it – but it’s been fun so far. And in my current life where my real-life social life has been kind of non-existent due to the pandemic, it’s a way to feed that part of me that needs socialization.

Generally, I think my life has been quite good lately. I feel like I’m in a happier place than I was just less than a year ago. I like my job, I like my manager, I like my colleagues, and I like the compensation. Best of all, we’re moving out of seasonal affective disorder season, so things should (literally) brighten up even more in the next couple of months.

This might be the most casual and light blog I’ve written in a while. My previous blogs have all been deep thoughtful pieces, but this one has just been a life update. I like it. I hope it’s a sign that my life will continue this way.

P.S. Forgot to wedge in a part about how I need to fix my sleep schedule because it is bad for my 9-5 office job, and I am technically still on probation…

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash.

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