Gwanghwamun, Seoul, Korea

Last songs and last trips

First post of the new year! Hello hello. I’m going to try and make this a New Year’s resolution – to update this blog more frequently, even though I know very few people read it. If any. This is so I keep track of my thoughts and feelings, even if I’m not feeling particularly strong about something.

In terms of new things, I just came back from a two-week holiday in South Korea. I’m broke as fuck now, but not even a week back in London, I’ve already booked my next trip. Madrid. There’s a reason why I’m travelling abroad again though.

I found out late in December – just before my trip actually – that the company won’t be sponsoring me because it is too costly to sponsor an employee with a low salary like mine. So it turns out my time in London is coming to an end, and now I am on course to cram as much as my wallet will allow in next 3.5 months.

This means attending all those museums I’ve never been to, exploring outside of central London, and yes, making last minute trips to Madrid.

Madrid has always been on my list of places to visit because my appreciation for Real Madrid, but because I always knew that it was going to be there for me to visit, I never bothered to look up what would be a good time to visit. I finally did some research last week, and it turns out that the best time to go – so that I can actually attend a game in that massive Santiago Bernabeu stadium – will be two weekends from now. With a bit of luck, I should be able to squeeze in a game there – Real Madrid vs. Sevilla. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

With all this travelling, I’ve really got zero savings in my bank. I really need to speak to a financial advisor when I return to Canada. As fun as the past two years have been, living in this city is just far too expensive for me. I’ll miss London, and I do wish that I could stay, but returning home won’t be too bad. I’ll be reunited with my desktop gaming computer at least. Hah. I’ve missed that beast.

Anyhow. Typing on this new updated WordPress tool – version 5.0.2! Ah, you’ve come a long way, WordPress – is a lot smoother than it was before, but I don’t have much else to blog about today, so I’ll end it with four of my favourite songs in the past year.

Enjoy! And hopefully I’ll blog soon.

Tori Kelly – Colors of the Wind

Namewee feat. G.E.M. – Strangers in the North

BoA x Beenzino – No Matter What

Now United – Who Would Think That Love?

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